Here’s Why Your Stability Ball Is Your Friend

You grabbed it during a one off trip to Marshall’s. It was sitting there…shiny, pink or maybe even purple and the price was within your budget. You thought to yourself, let me be cute and get in shape with this trendy ball thing. It started out wonderfully. You used it to work out here and there, and sometimes you sat in it for good posture. You had every intention of spending more time with your stability ball but over time it grew into new age home decor that got the most attention when your nieces and nephews visited. “Where’s the handle?”, they asked. Every now and then your pet would roll around with it. Well, I’m here to tell you, don’t let that thing collect dust and pet dander in the corner of your living room any longer. It’s probably the cheapest, whole body, at home, workout system. At first glance, it looks like an elementary play thing that could never give you an effective workout. But, if you commit to using it consistently, your stability ball can help snap your whole body into beach-ready condition.

For starters, the stability ball helps to build your pillar strength. What is “pillar strength”, you’re wondering? It includes our hip flexors, our core, anterior (front), posterior (back), obliques (sides) and our shoulders. All body movement flows from this region. You can see the importance of strength training this area, right?! There are many exercises that involve this area. Especially if or when you decide to lift, you’ll need a strong pillar before you even venture to that arena. It’s my educated suggestion that you master your body weight before you add any additional weights (20+ lbs) to your workout. The stability ball is a great option for strengthening your pillar and can be combined with an array of body weight workouts to modify the exercise to your skill level. Here’s a breakdown of what I did today. Sorry, I couldn’t record the entire workout but I put them in terms that are simple to understand.

  • Wall squats with the ball resting between your lower back and the wall
  • Single leg wall squats with ball resting between your lower back and the wall
  • Lunges with one leg suspended laterally on top of your stability ball
  • Single leg lunges with rear leg suspended on top of the stability ball
  • Bridges with feet on top of your stability ball
  • Single leg bridges with feet on top of your stability ball
  • Side planks with stability ball in between feet
  • Leg raises with stability ball in between feet
  • Hamstring curls with feet rested on stability ball
  • Plank with feet rested on top of stability ball
  • Push-up planks with feet rested on top of stability ball
  • Sit-ups with stability ball
  • Bridge hold with neck rested on stability ball

Oh, Hey. I’m just here tightening up my glutes, hamstrings and core with one piece of equipment! 

The key with each exercise is to take your time. Form is everything. You want to make sure you’re taking time to get into the proper position. You’ll probably fall off balance a few times but it’s important not to rush through.

Remember that everyone starts somewhere!

I hope this read was helpful!







Try These 3 Basic Exercises to Whip Your Guns Into Shape!

For us women, building our upper body strength is super difficult. It seems like no matter what we do, we can never sculpt and build the strength to match our male counterparts. While we may have a different genetic make-up, we are quite capable of seeing the same results with hard work! Here are some exercises you can do to build up your upper body strength and look good in your tank tops this summer.

1. The pull up: Start with a goal of maybe 2 or 3 consecutive pull ups and do 3 sets. Week after week, set your goals higher. The pull up is an essential exercise to build both arm and back strength and definition. Take a close look at my face. I am STRUGGLING. Lol. My goal is to complete 10 in a row by the end of the summer. Can you imagine me pulling up right alongside the boys! I can’t wait!

junkfit_pullup2. The dip: I always tell you guys to do this and this is on repeat because it works! You can find a bench or chair in your house and get these in while you’re watching tv or listening to music. Do them on the edge of your bed or on a sturdy crate. These will hit your triceps and take care of that annoying under arm wiggle. If a dip with fully extended legs is too hard, start with your legs at a 90 degree angle and gradually work your feet out.

junkfit913. The push-up: This is targeting your chest and arms. I know for most of us push-ups are our worst nightmare. If the flat push-up is too difficult for you right now, start with the incline and work your way down to the floor. That’s what I’m doing. If the incline is still difficult, do wall push-us.


The key to all of these exercises is starting them. They say when you find something that is particularly difficult for you, you should do it a lot until it becomes easy.

That’s my quick tip of the day!