My Booty Might Wobble But It Won’t Fall Down

Chile. Last week felt so good. First of all, I got my butt back into the gym full swing. Like, every single weekday (plus a quickie on Saturday) AND I doubled back on two nights to train a new client and participate in my adult volleyball league as a “free agent”. I had to include that detail cause it makes me feel sort of like a highly sought after mega athlete. Lol.

Do yall see me? I mean do yall see me though?


I am not a football fan but it is football season so what the heck, right. Long story short, my restart is no longer a restart. I’m in this bihhh! All in. The crazy thing is I’ve always been “in“, but I wasn’t “all in” this summer. Number one, I was feeling myself. You know how you get when your body is coming together and you begin to rest on your laurels. Yeah. That’s what happened in addition to the fact that summer ’16 was the pits for me. But I’m back like I never left. Who’s with me? I’m so excited about my restart that I just can’t keep it to myself. Below, you’ll find the details of my everyday leg routine. You should also follow me on the gram where I post all my workout snippets.

By now you know there’s 2 things I don’t play about–my legs and booty.

I keep it tight or at least I try my darndest to (hence, this post’s title)! The conditioning and cardio portion of my leg workout is not for the faint at heart but it’s nothing you can’t complete or work towards. Complete with high intensity for the best burn. Keep Scrolling:

Stair runs x 3 (two flights)

20 step ups / leg (dumbells optional)

20 Box jumps (Mine are about 3 feet off the ground but go with what you're comfortable with)

40 Frog Leaps

90 sec rest
*Repeat 5 times

Why am I so leg focused? Well, because we all have our problem areas, right? My legs are where my fat likes to hide. I like to seek it out and turn it into nice firm muscle. Simple.

But let’s discuss your booty, right quick.

Are you giving it the attention it deserves? Are you giving your workouts the attention they deserve? Are you giving yourself the attention you deserve? I mean, part of why I love working out is because it makes me feel good about myself. How are you feeling about your health and wellness? Are you keeping your junk fit? If not, what’s stopping you, girl? If tidying up your wellness corner is high on your list of priorities, why haven’t you committed yet? Like, really committed. Not gym membership commitment, but gym attendance commitment. You could have a litany of reasons but it really all boils down to the fact that you haven’t prioritized it. But if you think about it, you’re useless to anyone and anything else if you haven’t first taken care of your number one player…you.

Now let’s talk about how you can rearrange some things so that you are prioritizing yourself.

  1. Let it be known that this day henceforth, you are a servant of the queendom of (insert your fictional goddess name here). Mine used to be Princess Jasmine but I’ve transitioned to “Queen Jasmine Of JUNKFIT, Mother Of Peaks & Valleys”. Lol. You ARE a queen and your kingdom is your temple. If you don’t prioritize yourself, nobody else will. Show people how serious you are about becoming healthy! Don’t let people schedule you for anything else during your workout time. Tell your hubby that he’s got to hold down the fort while you hit the gym for an hour. Trust me, once people know it’s non-negotiable, they’ll respect your hustle and it’ll become easier to commit to.
  2. Place your workouts on your calendar. If you don’t take your workouts serious enough as it is, maybe it’ll help if you write them in with reminders and maybe even a description of what you’ll be doing in the gym or even a link to a workout via my blog ;-).
  3. Don’t let yourself out of it! This is SOOOO crucial. You have the angel on one shoulder and you have the devil on the other. To work out, or not to workout…that’s the big question. Allow the angel to guide and help you reach your goals. Don’t get into the habit of talking yourself out of things that you desire in your heart. You are worth the commitment, you can reach your goals, you can lose weight, you can gain muscle, you CAN and WILL look and feel amazing if you make the right choices.
  4. Eliminate unnecessary stress. You’ve got plenty on your plate, right? So do I. The trick is that I’ve slowly but surely learned to remove myself from situations that stress me the hell out. Like, seriously. I do it without even knowing it these days. The instant I’m stressing over something stupid or something that doesn’t contribute to the grand scheme of things, I bump that sucker right out of my life. Walking papers. Gone. This way, my mind space opens up and I’m more focused at work, getting things done at phantom speed. I actually begin to do even the simplest of things more quickly and seamlessly. Take blogging, for example…things move so much more quickly and my creative juices flow when I’m not stressed. Less stress means I approach my workouts in a totally different way.
  5. Don’t feel defeated. Look, I’ve fallen off at least 3 times in my fitness journey. For one reason or another, I just could not find the time or energy to do it. But that DOES NOT mean it is okay to completely stop or give up. So you were down to 150 and you went up to 170 once you started your new job?! Lose the weight again! That’s the beauty of life. Try again!

Anyway, gals and guys, I just wanted to share with you all how lit I’m feeling after my latest restart. Feel free to slide in my comments or even my inbox (lol) if you have comments, questions or anything.






JUNKFIT’s 10 Commandments: Gym Etiquette

Starting a workout plan can be really intimidating for newbies. Gym culture is something that most of us don’t acquire until we’ve been going for a while. Expedite the process with these 10 rules of gym etiquette I’ve learned along my journey!

  1. Wipe Down The Machines. The gym is a germy place. I don’t know about your gyms, but mine is ALWAYS packed. The minute I walk in there, the air is thick, the activity is high and sweat is precipitating and dripping over everything. It can become a gross environment when people don’t wipe after themselves. From the crotch sweat to the palm sweat to the drops you left on the treadmill, WIPE IT ALL DOWN, thoroughly!
  2. Come Fresh. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT cool to show up to the gym without a shower. That is actually sooooo rude. Come fresh and re-shower after your workout. If everybody showed up to the gym funky, then what? We’d be in trouble, right. Please come fresh and wear deodorant!
  3. Don’t Flirt Or Stare. This one is for the guys that may be reading. Don’t gawk when we (women) do our squats or donkey kicks. We are already in a male-dominated environment and some of us are intimidated. Don’t add to that by hitting on us or staring for too long.
  4. Put Things Back Where They Belong. This is different from where you got it. If you found the kettle bell off in some obscure corner of the gym, please return it to the kettle bell area when you’re done. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched high and low for a barbell and found it resting on a wall when it should’ve been on the rack. This helps both other gym members and gym attendants.
  5. Share The Machines. It’s common for people to ask to “work in” with you if they need a machine that you’re using. This simply means that they would like to use the machine during your rest periods. Sometimes this can be a hassle especially if the person is sweaty and you have to wipe down every time it’s your turn but, unless you’re in a rush, it’s the right thing to do.
  6. Don’t Hover. If someone is using a machine and can’t work you in, just respect it and ask how many more sets they have. Do not hover over them silently. Just move on to another exercise and keep your eye on the machine for when it opens up.
  7. Please Keep Unsolicited Advice To Yourself. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY likes a know-it-all. Unless someone asks you for your input, refrain from critiquing them. Half the people there will not know what they’re doing and learning is a part of their journey. Don’t cramp their style unless of course they are doing something dangerous. In which case you should inform a trainer and let them handle it.
  8. Keep Grunts To A Minimum. While you may feel somewhat relieved when you grunt and moan during an intense workout, it makes others uncomfortable and annoyed. Try to control it.
  9. No Grooming. Ladies and gents, this can be done in the bathroom. Tie your hair, apply your lip gloss, whatever, before you start your workout. The mirrors are for watching your form and the occasional gym selfie—that’s it.
  10. No Lounging On Machines. I notice that a lot of guys work out in bunches and it turns into a social gathering. That’s cool and everything, but it kind of interferes with other people’s workouts when you use gym machinery as a chair or drape your body over equipment you aren’t using. Be mindful of this.

Do you have gym rules that you live by? Did I miss anything? If so, share below!