The “Real Food” Farm|Quenching Baltimore’s Food Desert

We’ve gotta talk about this ’cause the thirst is real. Open scene…”My stomach is eating a hole through my back”. I could simplify that saying with one word–“hangry” (no typo). “Hanger” may run up on you after a long day at the office when your only nourishment has been a coffee and a pack of mixed nuts courtesy of the mini snack bar in the breakroom at work. It normally happens when you’ve been savagely focused on a project and you opt out of a lunch break because…well, you’re floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee and you wanna flex on every-damn-body with your presentation in tomorrow’s meeting. Justifiably, you skip a meal but you’ve pushed it to the limit and by the time you set your sights on a food, you’d pretty much eat an entire cow. Any cow. It can be a cow covered in poo, a cow with ten eyes, a cow dipped in dextrose or a cow glazed in sugar. “Get in my belly!” is all you can think.

For most of us who live in Black and Brown neighborhoods, healthy food options are few and far between.

For myself and others, getting to the “hangry” state is pretty risky business. I mean, I do my darndest to make sure “hanger” doesn’t creep up on me because I tend to make thee worst food choices when I’m famished. I’m talking a Popeyes and KFC. Why? Because their proximity is convenient (walking distance from my job). I’m ashamed but look at my situation. Let’s say I wanted to grab a fresh smoothie or a salad, right. My options are limited to fast food smoothies (a joke), fast food salads (yuck and also comical) and grocery store salad bar salads (also yucky and germy). Often times, I end up grabbing a piece of fruit to hold me over until I get home. Once I’m home, I toil over a meal for about an 1.5 hours before I eat the food my body is so desperately in need of. The willpower required to bypass all of the sweet and salty fast food-immeasurable. Honestly, sometimes I fail, even though the consequences have proven to be lethal.

See the difference in mortality rates based just on popular food items in neighborhoods in Baltimore City below.


But let’s rewind, real quick. To a time when I worked in Southside Jamaica, Queens and I was in an extreme food desert. In NYC I had no car and I used my feet and Metro card to get around. In Jamaica, every store within a 10 minute walking radius of my job was either fried chicken, pizza or a dollar store. I remember my boss eating a slice of cheese pizza, cheetos and a gatorade for lunch every day and thinking to myself “How is he alive right now?”. I mean, the calories were there but the nutrients were not. “Who could survive off of that type of diet?” I asked myself. The answer is–lots of us do. We satisfy our hunger for the moment but in the long run, we’re slowly killing ourselves. In impoverished neighborhoods, there are lots of people who rely on public transportation to move about their daily lives. But who is going to hop on a bus to get food when you can walk right up to the Chinese restaurant on your block and order an egg roll, four chicken wings, french fries and a soda for $4.75. Save the bus fare and save the hike, right? That’s why I was so elated when I noticed The “Real Food Farm” parked across the street from my job today. “Real Food Farm” works toward a just and sustainable food system by improving neighborhood access to healthy food, providing experience-based education, and developing an economically viable, environmentally responsible local agriculture sector. Yep, most of their produce is grown right here in Baltimore and tended to by the hands of those who live here. They’re also stocked with produce from local farmers. I snagged some delicious watermelon from Black Dirt Farm, a black owned farm, on the Eastern Shore. Sweet! That was actually two birds with one stone because I’ve been trying to support Black-owned business when I can.

It’s wonderful to know that there are initiatives like Civic Works’ “Real Food Farm” that prioritize people who really need the access, education and opportunities. Yep, in addition to the mobile food truck, you’ve got the opportunity to take your school group for a visit to their Clifton Park farm to see how all the juicy goodness is grown right out of our Baltimore soil. Educational opportunities like this are made possible by donors and volunteers who devote their time to making healthy lifestyles a possibility for all.

The best part? The Real Food Farm accepts EBT! Yep, there’s no excuse not to grab up this healthy goodness as an alternative to all the yuck that is strewn about the neighborhood.

Oh! There are volunteer opportunities if you’re interested.

This Saturday Oct. 1st is the 14th Annual Ricky Myers Day Of Service

Join in at the Clifton Mansion to earn your $5 credit towards Real Food Farm produce! Register at

Do you guys shop locally for your produce? Do you have your own garden? Do tell below!

The 411|Dedication Day At Smithsonian’s African American History Museum

Your Black card was certified VIP status all weekend if you didn’t know! Once again my Blackness has me beaming with pride and regality. And by once again, I do mean for the second time in my adult life (first time was POTUS’ inauguration). Moments like these are so few and far between for us. Insert afro pat and two snaps because, honey, I was there. From the massive bronze crown of a building to the Middle Passage exhibit, nestled on the ground floor of the museum, our story is being told to all who are listening and even those who’d rather tune us out. I am Black, I am African American, my people were slaves and we are the blocks that built this nation. Our inclusion on the grand American stage, the national mall, is long overdue!

The day kicked off with an inspiring speech from the POTUS himself. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 48 hours, I shared the video of his speech below. My POTUS spoke about patriotism and activism in our country, a conundrum for many African Americans whose history traces back to a time where our people were three fifths of a man only to assist the south’s political representation in the house. How are we to be patriots when our men, women and children are still shot down in the streets? I admire how eloquently POTUS delivers all of his speeches but this one in particular spoke to a feeling I’ve had for as long as I’ve known I was a great, great grandchild of a slave. See what I mean below.

The museum was designed in chronological order from the bottom up. Museum guides will urge you to explore in that order and I’d agree. 

It begins with an emotional journey through the middle passage on the bottom floor. I happen to be a history/slave narrative enthusiast. I’ve always had an unyielding thirst for knowledge of my people’s experiences. The slave narratives sufficed for a while but seeing items recovered from slave shipwrecks and seeing the detailed brutality and greed of the transatlantic slave trade will rock you. You’ll start your emotional journey there and each exhibit will move you further down the timeline of the African American experience. 

Bring kleenex.

We could never fully understand the horrors of their journey or the depth of their loss but the exhibit does a heck of a job at telling the story of how we came here. It was a brutal and heinous crime against humanity. That much is felt and asserted through this exhibit.

The reason you look like your Nigerian  and Ghanaian sista friends? It’s because your ancestors were more than likely from ancient Akan or Benin.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve asked yourself the daily question “Where EXACTLY in Africa are my roots?”  While we’ll never know the exact location, a general  answer would be western coastal African nations. A simple google search will supply you with this information but the museum shares certain customs that were carried across the ocean and continued in different slave states. For example, black folks from the Carolinas generally came from ancient Akan and Benin, modern day Nigeria and Ghana  and their traditions were continued in those regions of America. You’ll learn about the fusion of African customs into western societies in both North and South America. Sweet! 

Be prepared for your “gangsta” to be tested.

My absolute favorite part of my visit was exploring the civil rights exhibit which is modeled in the form of a “sit-in”. One the menu? Six forms of activism that were instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement. Take the Freedom Rides for example. Those brave young men and women who risked their lives to venture into dangerous territory to bring about equality. This exhibit walks you deeper and deeper into the cost of each movement. How much would you have wagered? To what extent were you willing to go? What was your freedom worth? What sacrifices were you willing to make? It’s so easy to say what we would’ve done but you might sing a different tune once you’ve experienced this exhibit. Were you a peaceful protester alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or would you meet fire with fire in the ranks of the Black Panther Movement?




If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself torn between movements? You’ll consider your family or maybe even your future. What if you die in the fight? What type of life will you grandchildren have if you don’t put an end to the bullshit today? What type of life will you have if you don’t fight for your rights? What use will your education be if the color of your skin can stop you from advancing your career and providing for your family? How far are you willing to go for your people? How badly do you want to vote? To live as a 2nd class citizen or to die fighting for quality…those were the questions.

Your voice will be heard here.

I just revel in the opportunity to speak on the many issues affecting black and brown folks in this country and abroad. Whoever had the awesome idea of placing video booths all over the museum–you da man! These were a huge hit with me. I recorded my raw feelings inside of the civil rights exhibit. Peep the video below. I never intended to post it because I was fumbling quite a bit but it’s myself and a friend answering in the most raw form to prompts within the booth…

Ooh, I got cut off but you see where I was going with it, right? My activism stems from the fact that my younger cousin was killed by police. My activism is also in honor of the many men and women who are wrongfully convicted or handed harsher prison sentences than whites who’ve committed the same crime. My activism is rooted in improving the education of our children and increasing the access to healthy foods in Black communities. I could go on for hours so I plan on adding more to my reflection during my next visit. If vlogging is not your thing…

You can contemplate in the Contemplative Court.

This photo does it absolutely no justice but this fountain puts me in a Star Trek realm where teleportation is possible and Scottie just beamed me back to the Amistad. I’m there, I’m witnessing everything first-hand, I’m thinking, I’m reflecting. I’m envisioning my ancestors…scared, lonely and fearful of what’s to come. I’m watching centuries of tears and oppression. Man, it gets deep in there. Allow yourself to feel what you’ve just experienced.

You won’t get through the entire museum in one visit.

A one day visit will scrape the surface but you won’t get it all. You’ll need to double back once the fanfare has cooled off and you’re free to move about at your leisure. I know, you want to go during opening week. It’s a big deal and you want to be a part of all the excitement BUT trust me when I say, wait a few months. Let the crowds thin a little if you’re traveling from afar and want to savor the experience.

That’s all folks! Oh, I wanted to leave you with these two really cool keepsakes I got just by riding the train and showing up to the museum. My “Dedication Day” pin and my “Celebrating A Cultural Legacy” metro card donned with the Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership.


Yawl, this weekend felt so good to be Black! Love, Peace & Afro Grease!

Feature|Founder Of N’Joy Eats & Prep Transformed Her Life Through Diet & Exercise

One super dope aspect of my wellness journey is that I’ve crossed paths with some pretty amazing women of every shade, age and faith. From the elderly women who faithfully attend their Silver Sneakers class at my gym every morning to the fit IG beauties that share their stories with the world. One of my favorite IG inspirations is Indiana based Chef Shay of N’Joy Eats & Prep. Her transformation is bomb and she inspires others to lead a healthy lifestyle through her exercise, meal prep and nutrition expertise.


Chef Shay of N’Joy Eats & Prep

Ok, so it was so hard for me to choose the best photos because everything looks so good. These are just a few examples of Shay’s meal prep. Nutrition is so extremely important for us all but ESPECIALLY for those of us whose goal it is to lose weight. You know how the saying goes: You cannot outwork a bad diet. Like…it will never happen. You have to swap out the bad foods with better ones. You have to lower your caloric intake. If you need more proof than what I am telling you, please keep scrolling to Shay’s story below…

“When I saw the picture I not only saw the weight loss but I saw the pain and unhappiness I had been carrying for years. I had finally tapped into my JOY and I was never looking back.” – Chef Shay


“Hi you can call me Chef Shay .I am 26 years old straight from Jersey. I’m very excited about working with Junk Fit! I am a certified nutritional advisor and chef. I began my healthy journey after dealing with some challenges in my life that rocked at my self image and happiness. I am now down 6 dress sizes, able to hold my head high, and live life the way I want to. Once I set a plan for myself and took an active role in my life; my goals began to manifest. Cooking healthy meals is fun and rewarding because I never see it as a diet. I love teaching clients and their families how to incorporate healthy eating to their lifestyles. I believe Junk Fit encompasses all that I practice and teach in my daily life. It is a platform to uplift our community by providing them with the tools and skills that will upgrade their wellness. Staying in shape is an added bonus to the lifestyle. I’ve also just recently obtained my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Mental wellness definitely plays a significant role in how we treat our bodies. Exercising and eating clean can definitely benefit our cognitive perception of ourselves. I am so honored to be a part of an organization such as JUNK FIT that makes all that we teach engaging and fun!

Challenges: The first challenge was identifying why I wanted to lose weight. At first it was because I didn’t find myself pretty enough. I hated taking pictures, I hated trying on clothes, I hated my stomach etc. I thought I would be prettier and more confident if I just lost 10 lbs. I had to fall in love with myself first. I had to build on my confidence and not look for validation from other’s. I had to explore why I had chosen food as a comfort to begin with. I had chosen bad food as a comfort, because there were voids in my life .Grief and an unhealthy long term relationship were the little demons I had to address. Once I began addressing and fixing those issues, I naturally began improving. I wasn’t weighing myself anymore. All I wanted to do was be active because I love the thrill of competing and challenging my body. People gave me compliments as the weight fell off and it surprised me until I took a picture of myself. When I saw the picture I not only saw the weight loss but I saw the pain and unhappiness I had been carrying for years. I had finally tapped into my JOY and I was never looking back.

Advice: Stop investing in spanx, pills and control tops and get yourself in the gym and in the kitchen. Stop making excuses about your weight, no one cares .Being in shape is not about vanity or attention. It is about upgrading and sustaining your life, so that you can enjoy life and the experiences. No Fad Diets just start letting go of foods that do more harm than good. Much Success!”

You can keep up with Chef Shay’s inspirational journey on Facebook, Instagram and via



My Booty Might Wobble But It Won’t Fall Down

Chile. Last week felt so good. First of all, I got my butt back into the gym full swing. Like, every single weekday (plus a quickie on Saturday) AND I doubled back on two nights to train a new client and participate in my adult volleyball league as a “free agent”. I had to include that detail cause it makes me feel sort of like a highly sought after mega athlete. Lol.

Do yall see me? I mean do yall see me though?


I am not a football fan but it is football season so what the heck, right. Long story short, my restart is no longer a restart. I’m in this bihhh! All in. The crazy thing is I’ve always been “in“, but I wasn’t “all in” this summer. Number one, I was feeling myself. You know how you get when your body is coming together and you begin to rest on your laurels. Yeah. That’s what happened in addition to the fact that summer ’16 was the pits for me. But I’m back like I never left. Who’s with me? I’m so excited about my restart that I just can’t keep it to myself. Below, you’ll find the details of my everyday leg routine. You should also follow me on the gram where I post all my workout snippets.

By now you know there’s 2 things I don’t play about–my legs and booty.

I keep it tight or at least I try my darndest to (hence, this post’s title)! The conditioning and cardio portion of my leg workout is not for the faint at heart but it’s nothing you can’t complete or work towards. Complete with high intensity for the best burn. Keep Scrolling:

Stair runs x 3 (two flights)

20 step ups / leg (dumbells optional)

20 Box jumps (Mine are about 3 feet off the ground but go with what you're comfortable with)

40 Frog Leaps

90 sec rest
*Repeat 5 times

Why am I so leg focused? Well, because we all have our problem areas, right? My legs are where my fat likes to hide. I like to seek it out and turn it into nice firm muscle. Simple.

But let’s discuss your booty, right quick.

Are you giving it the attention it deserves? Are you giving your workouts the attention they deserve? Are you giving yourself the attention you deserve? I mean, part of why I love working out is because it makes me feel good about myself. How are you feeling about your health and wellness? Are you keeping your junk fit? If not, what’s stopping you, girl? If tidying up your wellness corner is high on your list of priorities, why haven’t you committed yet? Like, really committed. Not gym membership commitment, but gym attendance commitment. You could have a litany of reasons but it really all boils down to the fact that you haven’t prioritized it. But if you think about it, you’re useless to anyone and anything else if you haven’t first taken care of your number one player…you.

Now let’s talk about how you can rearrange some things so that you are prioritizing yourself.

  1. Let it be known that this day henceforth, you are a servant of the queendom of (insert your fictional goddess name here). Mine used to be Princess Jasmine but I’ve transitioned to “Queen Jasmine Of JUNKFIT, Mother Of Peaks & Valleys”. Lol. You ARE a queen and your kingdom is your temple. If you don’t prioritize yourself, nobody else will. Show people how serious you are about becoming healthy! Don’t let people schedule you for anything else during your workout time. Tell your hubby that he’s got to hold down the fort while you hit the gym for an hour. Trust me, once people know it’s non-negotiable, they’ll respect your hustle and it’ll become easier to commit to.
  2. Place your workouts on your calendar. If you don’t take your workouts serious enough as it is, maybe it’ll help if you write them in with reminders and maybe even a description of what you’ll be doing in the gym or even a link to a workout via my blog ;-).
  3. Don’t let yourself out of it! This is SOOOO crucial. You have the angel on one shoulder and you have the devil on the other. To work out, or not to workout…that’s the big question. Allow the angel to guide and help you reach your goals. Don’t get into the habit of talking yourself out of things that you desire in your heart. You are worth the commitment, you can reach your goals, you can lose weight, you can gain muscle, you CAN and WILL look and feel amazing if you make the right choices.
  4. Eliminate unnecessary stress. You’ve got plenty on your plate, right? So do I. The trick is that I’ve slowly but surely learned to remove myself from situations that stress me the hell out. Like, seriously. I do it without even knowing it these days. The instant I’m stressing over something stupid or something that doesn’t contribute to the grand scheme of things, I bump that sucker right out of my life. Walking papers. Gone. This way, my mind space opens up and I’m more focused at work, getting things done at phantom speed. I actually begin to do even the simplest of things more quickly and seamlessly. Take blogging, for example…things move so much more quickly and my creative juices flow when I’m not stressed. Less stress means I approach my workouts in a totally different way.
  5. Don’t feel defeated. Look, I’ve fallen off at least 3 times in my fitness journey. For one reason or another, I just could not find the time or energy to do it. But that DOES NOT mean it is okay to completely stop or give up. So you were down to 150 and you went up to 170 once you started your new job?! Lose the weight again! That’s the beauty of life. Try again!

Anyway, gals and guys, I just wanted to share with you all how lit I’m feeling after my latest restart. Feel free to slide in my comments or even my inbox (lol) if you have comments, questions or anything.






Sigh. Another Day, Another Black Child Killed By Police

The year of 30 ushered in a certain heightened awareness of 1. My biological clock and 2. The possibility of birthing a Black man when I do decide to have children . Now, that’s not to say my finances, career and love life weren’t at the forefront of my thinking because they’ve always been. The year of 30 though…it made me think long and hard about my future children and what was in store for them.  Most women, White, Black or in between,  daydream about what their children will look and sound like. What their quirks will be or what type of personality they’ll have. Some think of how they’ll educate them (me) and how to make them well-rounded and empathetic (also me). On the contrary, most, if not all, black women wonder about the safety of their children, especially young boys, in addition to all the other motherly thoughts. This is something that, in America, I find is unique to only Black and Hispanic women. That’s true for those of us who are mothers and those of us who aren’t yet. It used to be that our brothers, uncles and fathers were our main subjects of concern. Now, that circle has expanded to include women, boys and even girls as young as 12. My thoughts didn’t stop there though.

I wondered, “What can I do to counter this?”. What would be the proper course of action for lil old me? What was within my scope of power and abilities? So. Just last week my students and I organized a first responders assembly to show our appreciation and gratitude for those whose duty it is to serve and protect our community. We hosted police officers, firefighters, and soldiers.  Although the assembly was rooted in remembrance of 9/11 and those who fell on that day, it was also about cultivating safe and friendly interactions between my students and their community police.


East Baltimore Police, Firefighters and a US Army Sergeant all devoted their time to do the WORK in our community. Bigup!

It was my idea, they loved it, I loved that they loved it, and it was all gravy. That was until one of my students pulled me aside and asked why we haven’t acknowledged the Black Lives Matter movement.  My response was simple–“We will”. We most certainly will create a safe space for them to voice their outrage at what more and more feels like the slaughter of our people. Yep. We will. But I had to temper my emotions and if I’m being honest, I know it’s best for them to do the same.

Suffering a fatal gunshot wound at the hands of a police officer is a reality for Black children. It always has been–even when you’ve done nothing wrong. Even when you’re a child, playing alone in a park in broad daylight. Even if it feels like we’re villainized from birth and are herded into stereotypical categories that don’t even speak to our actual personalities or upbringing, we are the ones that must be decisive in our response to these matters. The burden falls on us to dictate how these interactions will go–it’s a matter of life or death. This is not to say that we can’t be mad. Hell, it’s not to say that we can’t be furious. It’s not to say that we won’t power through other avenues to receive justice and equality (salute to Black Lives Matter and other movers, shakers and policy makers who fight for justice daily). But we have to be smarter than ever when it comes to our children–our future. This is why it is so important that we do our part in reverse community policing.


We gotta do our part to introduce police to our children on our terms. They should know and be familiar with our children. They should know that 13 year old Tyre was at a STEM school, that he was a boy’s boy, into bb guns, and sports. That he had hobbies that are consistent with the hobbies of millions of boys of ALL races. That Tyre and others that look, sound and act like him are human. They should know that he had his whole life ahead of him. While many of our blue brothers are in fact, doing the work, there are many of them who are not–so we have to. We have to bridge this disconnect.

I could go on and on about this. These are just a mashup of my immediate thoughts on this.I welcome thoughts and comments below. Solutions too. Sigh.


JUNKFIT’s Top 10 Fall Fitness Fashion Essentials

Fall is here and I’m here for it, honey! The crisp morning air, my coffee in tow to warm by cold hands, layering up, black, navy blue and burnt orange hues, dark nail polish with a matching muted burgundy lip. I actually bussed out my MAC “Fashion Revival” lipstick last weekend because I just could NOT wait. There are some super cute fitness trends that I am dying to get all the way into. Shall we proceed?


Now, we all know how important it is for us to look good while we work out. It’s a confidence hack. Kind of how we fix our posture to invoke confidence and self-assurance, fly and sporty fitness clothing works in the same way. Right or right?! Lol. I’ve compiled a list of my top ten fitness fashion picks for the fall. Much like mainstream fashion, the looks change by the season. You’ll notice a difference in colors, material, the whole nine yards. Afterall, your neon yellow wind breaker aint gonna get you through those winter jogs, will it? Make sure you’re ready with these essentials:

1. The Running Jacket


UnderArmour’s Swacket is a simple yet sleek version of the essential running fleece. There’s no doubt that a good performance fleece is necessary during fall and winter runs but you might as well be cute with it. It’s a piece that you’ll be wearing frequently so you want quality and style. Weightless, yet water-resistant, super warm, with reflective features . Add to that, it’s super cute.


2. Patterned Tops & Bottoms


Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s fitness line, has a VAST selection of stylish fitness apparel. I repeat, STYLISH. I was actually shocked at how cute the outfits are. One item that jumped out at me was this sporty running jacket. The Jojo, actually comes with matching Curacao Capris. Now, capris aren’t ideal for a brisk morning run, especially if you got no ankle meat, like myself. But, the outfit comes at a 50% discount when you sign up as a VIP member. Boom!

3. High Rise / Mesh Combo Tights 


I can never get enough of these. I’ll be the first to say that I’ve seen these done ENTIRELY WRONG. If the material is cheap or flimsy, these can actually mess up an otherwise sporty outfit. Lulu Lemon is known for it’s superior quality. You can count on these to hold you snugly throughout your workout. I prefer a high rise pant to avoid that gradual tug and sag that happens when you’re running or squatting. I know these are capris but I’m sharing them because they’re on sale for $44. It’s a steal for Lulu. Jump on it.

4. Nike Prestos


Does anyone remember Nike Prestos from the early 2000’s? Well, Nike brought them back for the 2016 Olympics and I could not be happier. I haven’t grabbed mine yet but these will be my fall/winter workout kicks. I love the black on black and the way they make my feet look tiny. Size 9+, gone head and grab you a pair!


5. Leg Warmers


IDK about you all, but leg warmers are kind of an essential for me. I’ve been sporting the same pair from Target for the past 2 years. They’re ideal for cold, outdoor, winter workouts or if you just want some added warmth with your tights on your way to the gym.

6. Marathon-Ready Sports Bras


Marathon season is upon us. If you plan to compete in your 10 miler, 20 miler, you’ll need a bra that’ll support your lady lumps for an extended period of time. Sports bras are really a catch 22. On one hand, you want the support but on the other hand you don’t want it to be so constricting that it gives you back aches. Enter Nike’s Pro Rival Hero. Dri Fit technology, adjustable racerback, enough coverage to eliminate bounce while still showing off some sexy. Perfect.

7. The Fanny Pack


Even as a child, I could never get with the fanny pack look. It wasn’t until I desperately needed it for runs and workouts that I took a look into using one. My life has’t been the same since. I tuck my keys away in mine, along with my chap stick, Kleenex, and anything else I may need while on my run. I actually need a new one and I found a simple yet effective fanny pack on Etsy.

8. Dark Graphic Tees


No matter how old I get, the graphic tee will always be a staple in my fitness wardrobe. They’re so effortlessly chic when styled properly and can transition into an all day outfit if you have errands to run after your workout. Pair it with tights or baggy sweats-either way you’re gonna look stylish. Rainbow has them for thee lowest of the low. I mean as low as $3.99. I lie to you not.

9. The Duffle


I’ve always been a fan of the Puma bowling bag but now that Rih is contracted with them, I feel like it would be fitting to go with a more vintage, 90’s duffel look. Puma has a plethora of expensive bag options but you might do better by hitting up Marshall’s or Nordstrom Rack for an older version. This one will cost you 12.99. Yep.

10. The Strappy Long Sleeve T


Kate Hudson really outdid herself with her Fall line. There is an abundance of sexy and sultry fitness options. This one jumped out at me because I love to show off my back.  Check it out on Fabletics.

With the exception of Fabletics, these are brands I’ve used (quite often I should add) throughout my fitness journey. I hope this was helpful! What Fall Fitness Fashion are you serving up this year? Share below!




5 Reasons Going Natural Will Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Admit it. Black girls will completely forgo any sweat-provoking activity if they’re rocking any semblance of a straight style. Let the dewpoint read something like 65…there are lots of us who will opt to stay in the house or limit our activity to indoor, air-conditioned spaces. Unless, of course, there is a cookout or day party. That changes things a little. Lol. We might go ‘head and make it do what it do.

giphy (2).gif

I don’t care if it’s a 3 week old doobie from 125th, that they’ve most recently transitioned to a crimpy braid out, they ain’t sacrificing it for nobody’s workout. No way, no how. There is, however, a rare breed of us black women who, despite the straight style, will bust a move or two in the gym in an attempt to keep the body nice and tight. In fact, lots of millennials are hitting the gym…in droves. I’d actually venture to say that the spike/increased popularity in fitness may be consistent with the spike in naturalistas. I won’t pretend to have some sort of trend report on this matter but If someone did the numbers, I bet these trends would coincide enough to make a valid argument. Reason being, you aren’t going to pull off the 18 inch peruvian with a leave-out in the gym. Nor will you be pulling off that brazilian half wig. It’s an IG illusion.


Lots of us have found the natural to be far more realistic when it comes to hitting the gym. Anyway, I know there are some who’re eager to join the fitness wave but you can’t seem to get a handle on your straight hair. I’ll be direct-YOU NEED TO GO NATURAL ALREADY! Here’s why:

  1. Sweating your natural hair out is nearly impossible. It’s already in it’s natural state. Even if you work up a heavy sweat during your workout, it won’t look much different from the style you came with. I normally like to lay my edges and I know I’m not alone. For many of us, if nothing else is laid, those edges will be! Lol. My edges are usually super fuzzy after my workouts and depending on how close to perfect I feel like being that day, I may or may not relay them. Twist outs may frizz up a little bit but you can combat that by leaving it twisted until after your workouts.
  2. Repetitive straightening causeses mad damage and breakage. Not cute. Now think about how much more you’ll have to straighten it after workouts to maintain the straight look you’re rocking-to match your roots to your tracks. Going natural is simply the healthier option for your hair provided that you detangle carefully and nourish your tresses.
  3. You’ll use healthier hair products by default. As opposed to the use of harmful chemicals with your relaxed look, most natural looks call for healthy and nourishing oils and creams. As a matter of fact, natural hair care products generally steer clear of parabens and sulfates that are abundant in relaxed products.
  4. Going natural can be a healthier option for your pockets as well. With most natural styles requiring minimal professional upkeep such as trims and cuts every now and then, you can vastly reduce your beauty spending and you can put that cash towards a vacation or  a weekly shopping sprees at Whole Foods. See how that worked out for you?! Two birds, one stone.
  5. The versatility of the naturalista just cannot be underestimated. You can literally rock a gazillion styles and look flawless. Many of them are a one shot deal and you’re good for the next couple of days or in some cases, weeks. You have the option of rocking a straightened look without the commitment. Not to mention that your blow outs will look bomb because you haven’t stripped your hair of all it’s moisture and lipids thus combating heat damage and split ends to the umpteenth power!

giphy (1).gif

So, let’s move on to styles, shall we! When I consider my hairstyles, one of the biggest considerations is the maintenance. I’ve found some tried and true styles that work wonderfully with my active lifestyle:


Let’s begin with the snatchback. It takes a few days for my edges and puff to take flawless formation but once they do, it’s all gravy. I use water, olive oil and my eco-styler gel to achieve the waves. The rest is me in all my nappy-headed glory. I can literally wake up in the morning, re-apply some water and gel and be on my merry way. I hit the gym, work up a tremendous sweat and won’t have to do a single thing besides finger my edges back into place.

My micros are by far my favorite workout style. I literally left these things in for an entire month. Add to that, I did them myself. It started out of sheer boredom. I then found myself on a three day mission to finish my head. I was braiding on the bus, on my lunch breaks, on field trips-it was bad. But once I finished, it was all good. I could wake up and literally GO! Working out was a breeze because I didn’t have to give my hair one inkling of thought aside from, of course, my edges. Lol. They were a b**** to take down but the style gave me so much freedom that I didn’t mint at all. Peep that glorious braid-out, too! Worth it, all worth it. It might also be worth adding that I rocked that braid out for about a week. So, yea, the micros were a 5 week style. Lit.

The two-strand twist back is arguably my signature look. I have yet to come across a naturalista who can rival my version of the style and believe me, I would give credit where credit is due. I’ve gotten it down to a science. I condition the crap out of my hair first, because this style requires some thorough detangling if you like it neat, like I do. Then I place my part, normally it’s down the middle because side parts make me look like someone’s great auntie. I then sop my crown with my handy dandy eco-styler gel and olive oil combo. I usually use a generous amount to avoid fly-aways. The next step is to take a soft bristle brush and lay my crown down. You kind of want to lay it so much so that the waves begin to sprout. Once they’ve appeared, I can begin twisting. Start with a teeny, tiny amount near the edge and progress back. Remember to carry the twist down the hair line to establish a little bit of a crown look. This style can usually last me 5 days provided I’ve tied my hair with a silk scarf at night. Workouts are a breeze with this hairdo and I normally get a few compliments per day.

The twist out is…well, it’s a twist out. We each have our own version of this and although they’re super tricky to perfect, they are a good workout option. Reason being is that you can manipulate your twist out into a lot of different styles once it’s had time to set. You can do a high pony, a low pony, half up with half down…the options are abundant. I usually go with what the workout calls for at the given time.

20160625_183016-1 (1).jpg

It was hard to tell me sh*t when these things were in my head. Lol.

Anybody transitioning for fitness purposes? Drop your stories below and do tell if you have any tips or workable hairstyles for us fit chicks!



Brazilian Trap & The Musical African Diaspora [Playlist]

So, can I share with y’all how I’ve been making it through my latest restart? I’ve always been prone to a bit of gyrating when soca or calypso is within even the subtlest of earshot but thanks to my beloved Google Play, I’ve embarked on what feels like an endless journey of exploring music of the diaspora. This music could very well be thee most amazing result of the diaspora!

The super cool thing is that 6 degrees of separation is actually not a thing anymore. Everyone seems to know everyone. Communities are getting larger yet more specific and there’s plenty of overlapping. We’ve got everyone and everything at our fingertips. I literally pulled up my Google Play and with one swipe of the finger, found my summer anthem, Bum Bum Granada.

Forget how corny the video is. Listen to the damn beat! That deep, rhythmic ostinato. The gun cock with the deep piano chords-genius! This is the recipe for squat music. But there’s more to my workout than squats, I explored Trinidad for my jogging tunes, Nigeria for my calisthenics, Haiti and DR for my occasional dance breaks. I could go on and on. So, let me share with you guys the beats that are keeping me moving and grooving. Check out my list of favorites below:

  1. Bum Bum Granada – Mcs Zaac & Jerry
  2. Dami Duro – Davido
  3. Heart Beat – Iyanya
  4. Push Up On It – Patrice Roberts
  5. Hands In The Air – Fay Ann Lyons
  6. Kukere – Iyanya
  7. Carnival Tabanca – Bunji Garlin
  8. Zouk-Ls-Se-Sel-Medikaman Nou Ni – Kassav
  9. Lucy – Destra
  10. 5 Metas – Mc Davi
  11. Bust Me Brain – Iyanya
  12. Guh Down – Lil Rick
  13. Mummy Mi – Wizkid

Every workout for me requires a good playlist. This is just a likkle sample of what fuels me during my most recent workouts. Do you guys have anything to share? I’m all ears!





Falling Off & Getting Back On

If you’ve ever checked for my blog or social media posts, I think its pretty obvious why I chose this topic for my comeback again post. But for those of you who are stumbling across my blog for the first time, things have been slower than molasses ’round these parts. New content is coming but before that happens, let’s chat about why I fell off of my blogging and workout game. For starters, summer ’16 was everything Aubrey said it would be.



It was my first summer back in the DMV and I made it count. I mean there were boozy brunches galore, day parties, cookouts, rooftop soirees, amusement parks, cooking classes, comedy shows, museums, exhibits, camping, late night sh*t-talking with friends over bonfires, and add to that, I’m on now so you know the dates just rolled right in (we’ll discuss in another post). I frolicked ’til my heart’s content. Truly. Honestly. A girl just was living her life on the weekends. Cause when Monday hit, things got real.


This summer was BY FAR thee most stressful summer I’ve had in a long time. Work consumed most of my energy during the week and I’ll be honest in that I did not push myself to go onward once 6 pm hit. I simply said “I’m exhausted so when summer camp is over in 6 weeks, I’ll resume my workouts.” But that was super weak and I know it. I knew it the instant I started telling myself that b.s. There were so many things I could’ve done to offset the fact that I wasn’t working out or blogging. I could’ve funnelled my daily nutrition to the blog and committed to at least one post per week. Don’t get me wrong, I made mindful eating choices (on weekdays) and worked out at least once per week but it was a far cry from the 5 day regimen I was on. By my standards, that meets the qualifications for “falling off”. But if you’re human, like me, you know that sometimes you just can’t go as hard as you normally would but you should try make sure you give what you do have in you. Obviously, I had more than one day a week and smoothies. Like really, Jasmine!?  Since my stress levels have gone back down, I’m back to the regularly scheduled program. Let me share with you how I got myself back in the game.



First of all, the stress has dissipated. But there are a few factors that also contributed to me getting back on the ball again.

  1. I set a bed time and started “logging off” at least an hour before hand. I’d heard of this sleep improvement strategy before but somehow the Blameitonkway Instagram sketches would keep me locked in right up until I passed out. Anyway, unplugging in advance helps me get better quality sleep. Thus, giving me energy to last throughout the day.
  2. I noticed my family and friends that kept going. For starters, as of July, my dad was down 20 pounds and he always reminds me that I was his source of motivation. Then he turned around and motivated me. Funny how that works. Additionally social media provides me with so much inspiration at different times and from so many different people. I’ve got friends that are slaying the blog game, slaying their workouts and they really motivate me to step my game up.
  3. I ate dried fruit and nuts to give myself an added burst of energy. Dried fruit and nuts are a sure way to get a quick burst of energy and sustained energy throughout your workout.
  4. I bought some new gym gear.Idk about you but a cute new outfit is all the motivation I need. Might I also add that I am a certified maxanista these days. TJMaxx has the hookup on fitness apparel and accessories. You can get things at half the price or even less. It’s disgusting!
  5. I decided that I’d stop overbidding and commit to just a one article minimum per week. I had planned out this lengthy editorial calendar to cover every nook and cranny of wellness but it turned out to be a lot for me. One article a week gives me a small task to start with and of course I’d have the option of upping the ante once I get in a good flow.

Do you guys have any strategies to get yourself back into the swing of things after a hiatus? Drop a comment below!

Get In The Game|Millennial Entrepreneurship

Once you’ve found that coveted euphoria that good credit bestows upon you, it’s time to set your sights on that dream of business ownership you’ve been having for a while. You know it’s true. If you Google ‘millennial entrepreneurship’, you’ll find countless articles and stats supporting the fact that we are thee most business-minded generation, EVER. We are popping up left and right with innovative ideas and monetizing them to the max. Whether we’re influencers on social media, app developers, bloggers, personal trainers, salon owners, boutique owners or network marketers, many of us have begun to nibble at our piece of the American pie-and for most of us, it’s the beginning of something beautiful.

Here’s why. We’re all-consumed with pursuing our passions, no matter the cost or sacrifice. I personally think that freedom to pursue your passion is a HUGE part of well-being and so do most millennials.  We’re also the first generation with access to technological platforms that make marketing as simple as 1-2-3. We live in a time where simply being your regular, likeable self, can translate into dollars…lots of them. Our beloved smartphones have made it nearly impossible to disconnect from one another so we’re super collaborative and we always jump at the opportunity to “link up”. It’s amazing, exciting, awesome and it makes me all googly-eyed when I think about how dope we are as a generation. The only barriers we face are the illusion of simplicity and the business savvy it takes to sustain our businesses ideas. A small business can easily turn into an expensive hobby if you have no real clue what you’re doing. Yeah, its super cute to say “I’m an entrepreneur” but it’s another thing to actually get into the nitty-gritty of it all.

That brings me to why I decided to write this post. I wanted to share with you all the Small Business Workshop series hosted by Operation Hope’s Baltimore team. Of course, I’m signed up and ready to get it in and I want you guys to have access to this resource. They’re hosting a FREE 12 week Entrepreneurship Training from June 9th to August 25th. They’ll be covering feasibility, market research and development, advertising, capital, financial statements, business plans, suppliers, distribution and credit. I’m so excited I could just pass out! EEEEK! I mean, I’ve researched, and programs like this could easily run you $2,500-$3,000 and this is all FREE! They’ve partnered with several banks and financial institutions to bring us the hard facts that are “need-to-know” for business owners. They also offer free home ownership and credit repair programs. Did I mention that they’re FREE?! Oh.

Sign up with Robin at or call her at (443) 488-0126

Don’t say I didn’t put you on!