Progress Report: JUNKFIT’s Seven Day Challenge Days 3 & 4

So, let me begin by telling you guys about my affirmation of the week! I was on the leg press getting my bikini thighs when these two women came up to me asking what my gym routine was. It was adorable because they were dressed in really cute gym attire so I could tell they were invested ( yes, that’s part of how I assess gym readiness). Lol, so anyway they said they liked my body and had watched me do my leg routine (posted below). Then they asked what they should do as beginners. So you know I went into a two minute core testimony about how they have to start with the basics. I got so hyped to be talking to them and helping them that I totally forgot to tell them about JUNKFIT and the challenge. Tsss.

My workout today was a bit much. I did the challenge and added:

inclined push-ups 3×20

back extensions 3×20

27.5 lbs seated row 3×10

45 lbs squats 3×10

45 lbs dead lifts 3×10

30 lateral jumps 3×10

walking lunges 3×12

pulsing jump squats 3×20

70 lbs leg curls 3×10

70 lbs leg extensions 3×10

bicep curls 3×10

arm circles 3×100

bench dips 3×10

I hope you guys are enjoying the challenge. I’d like to know what other interactive things you’d like to see on JUNKFIT. I’ll be posting a poll over the weekend to get your input.

For tomorrow’s workout:

walk outs 3×12

burpees 3×12

leg raises 3×12

plank 3x:40

mountain climbers 3x:40

side plank 3x:40/side



JUNKFIT’s Seven Day Challenge: Day Two

Day three is here already and we’re continuing our steady progress. Days one and two I can admit were a little struggle for me because it’s been so long since I did burpees consistently. I HATE burpees, who made them up? Who thought to themselves, lets do a big leap in the air, jump into a frog pose and then do a push-up? They are however, getting easier to do. I like to think I already have a strong core and everything I’m doing with you guys will help reinforce my stability. Here’s your day 3:


What You Need To Know About Your Core!

1. First things first, your core includes far more than just your abs. By definition your core is a complex series of muscles including everything besides your arms and legs. This includes your hips, upper glutes and your anterior, posterior and lateral regions (front, back and side). Don’t you just love when you learn a new fitness term?!

2. Secondly, it is incorporated in almost EVERY movement of the human body. It acts as a stabilizer in pretty much every exercise. You can test this theory for yourself. Try to see if you can do any exercise with a relaxed core OR feel your core during exercises and you’ll see that it’s always at work.

3. Third, you can mindfully engage your core without even working out! Sit up straight at work, squeeze your butt cheeks while walking, pull in your pelvis (aka stop sticking your booty out, lol). Keep a small pillow behind your back while at your desk to stop you from slouching. All these small adjustments will help you strengthen your core!

Now can you see why building a stronger core should be at the base of your exercise journey? This challenge might seem hard for some of you but TRUST me when I say, you are on the right path. Once you’ve strengthened your core, you’ll notice your workouts getting easier and you’ll start to have more fun with it!

Questions? I’m here to help. Drop em below!



JUNKFIT’s Seven Day Challenge: Day One


My six pack is coming along.

Day-1 flick is looking good!

Today was the first day of the 7 Day Challenge. You’re probably used to seeing 30 day challenges but I’m a firm believer in easing into exercise. If you’re transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle, going full throttle is the last thing you want to do. Lots of people try this as many do with diets as well and feel defeated when they falter after a few days.  Its important to start small and progress gradually.  Here are some beginners tips:

1. STRETCH: This will seem pointless to some because you don’t associate it with reaching your goals but it is key to seeing an exercise program through. Without stretching, the soreness will surely put you on your ass.  Do yourself the favor and stretch your entire body and holding each stretch for at least :30.

2. BREATHE: OMG, I can’t tell you how many times I catch myself not breathing. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your form and counting reps but you must remember to breathe. This works especially when you’re feeling the burn. You can take a few breaths and instantly feel the burn dissipate. Keep breathing so you can keep going!

3. SPREAD YOUR LEGS: Get your mind outta the gutter! This phrase simply means widening your base during exercises like planks and walkouts. This will help you distribute the weight throughout your entire body, alleviating the pressure on your core. As you progress though modifications, move your feet closer together, adding difficulty.

For Tomorrow…


Join JUNKFIT’s Seven Day Challenge!

Whew! So yesterday was absolutely lovely here in NYC.  I grabbed drinks with a friend and strolled through Central Park on some very chill ish. It was just lovely. I couldn’t help but reflect on the newness of nature in the Spring. All the flowers and trees were just-a-blooming and there I was drawing the correlation between JUNKFIT and nature! Lol. Now is the time to take that new outlook and apply it to our health.  With that being said, I think it would be pretty dope to work with you guys on the basics of fitness. When you have a strong core, you can do pretty much anything. Without core strength, you’ll find yourself struggling through thee most simple of things. Take bench press for example.  You might have the upper body strength to push the bar up, but you’ll need a strong core to stabilize you.  Without that strength, the bar will go out of balance.  There are certain things called synergist muscle groups.  They assist a muscle in completing a task when the primary muscle isn’t strong enough.  Core muscles act as synergists in countless workouts. Long story short, a strong core is super essential.

That brings us to the JUNKFIT 7 Day Challenge! Get your core together, ladies. Let’s do it together!

Burpees 3 x 10

Walk Outs 3 x 10

Hanging Crunches 3 x 10

Mountain Climbers 3 x :30

Bicycle Kicks 3 x :30

Planks 3 x :30

Post your pics to Instagram using the #JUNKFIT hashtag to share your workout flicks. Summer bawdies are made in the Spring, too!

-Junkfit Jazz


My go to pose when the camera is flicking. Lol!