Join JUNKFIT’s Seven Day Challenge!

Whew! So yesterday was absolutely lovely here in NYC.  I grabbed drinks with a friend and strolled through Central Park on some very chill ish. It was just lovely. I couldn’t help but reflect on the newness of nature in the Spring. All the flowers and trees were just-a-blooming and there I was drawing theContinue reading “Join JUNKFIT’s Seven Day Challenge!”

Central Park Workout With My Hair-spiration @KlassyKinks

Even though Spring has been fronting since March, we still decided to show her some love today as it was absolutely beautiful out. The temperature was just right for an outdoor workout. We made use of what we had which were benches and wide open space! Step-ups 3 x 15/leg Inclined push-ups 3 x 10Continue reading “Central Park Workout With My Hair-spiration @KlassyKinks”