My name is Jasmine and I’m a photography enthusiast. I guess you’re here because you want to know a little more about me. Well, I’m not that good at talking about myself but I can talk at length about why I started this blog. Photography came about so randomly. I was directing a youth development program in East Baltimore and we developed a project that would allow students to share the story of their neighborhood through photography. You should’ve seen how their eyes lit up when we taught them the precious ‘rule of thirds’. We started playing with composition and that was all she wrote. From that moment on, I took up an interest in photography. Understated style and still very valid—that’s me. Its so me that it’s reflected in my photography. In what other art form could I simply show you the way I’m seeing the world, with every small detail—the stuff that quietly calls you in. The stuff that screams ‘look at me’ but also the stuff that says ‘I am here’. The moments the universe so beautifully orchestrates—I’m always looking for those. When I find one, especially if I have my camera with me, I just feel lucky. Lucky to have been there, seen it and to have been in a place where the moment could penetrate me. If you know me, you may have heard me say “I wish I could bottle this up and give it to you”. When I say that, I’m talking about happiness. This is my way of bottling it up and gifting it to you. At the very least I hope you’re inspired by what you see and read here and compelled to find yourself, express yourself and live authentically.

PS – While my blog is primarily for photography, I will still be posting fitness inspo from time to time, too!