What You Need To Know About Your Core!

1. First things first, your core includes far more than just your abs. By definition your core is a complex series of muscles including everything besides your arms and legs. This includes your hips, upper glutes and your anterior, posterior and lateral regions (front, back and side). Don’t you just love when you learn aContinue reading “What You Need To Know About Your Core!”

JUNKFIT’s Seven Day Challenge: Day One

Day-1 flick is looking good! Today was the first day of the 7 Day Challenge. You’re probably used to seeing 30 day challenges but I’m a firm believer in easing into exercise. If you’re transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle, going full throttle is the last thing you want to do. Lots of people try thisContinue reading “JUNKFIT’s Seven Day Challenge: Day One”

Randomly Whipped Up Citrus & Strawberry Salad

So, I’m teaching my students how to hydrate without water and I stumbled upon a cute little salad idea. What was intended to be a completely citrus salad turned into a ‘whatever we have in the fridge’ salad. Y’all know how that goes. Surprisingly it came out really good and I made the salad againContinue reading “Randomly Whipped Up Citrus & Strawberry Salad”

Join JUNKFIT’s Seven Day Challenge!

Whew! So yesterday was absolutely lovely here in NYC.  I grabbed drinks with a friend and strolled through Central Park on some very chill ish. It was just lovely. I couldn’t help but reflect on the newness of nature in the Spring. All the flowers and trees were just-a-blooming and there I was drawing theContinue reading “Join JUNKFIT’s Seven Day Challenge!”

Jordan Brand Classic at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

I can finally say I understand SOME of the hype surrounding Jordans. From the time I was in high school, I never understood why people camp out, miss school or fight over the sneaker. It really is a shame that the brand gets such a bad rap because from what I saw tonight, they haveContinue reading “Jordan Brand Classic at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center”

Central Park Workout With My Hair-spiration @KlassyKinks

Even though Spring has been fronting since March, we still decided to show her some love today as it was absolutely beautiful out. The temperature was just right for an outdoor workout. We made use of what we had which were benches and wide open space! Step-ups 3 x 15/leg Inclined push-ups 3 x 10Continue reading “Central Park Workout With My Hair-spiration @KlassyKinks”