The Weekly Round-up: Photography Classes in Baltimore & Washington, DC

Learning photography has been really random for me. I started out googling articles and watching YouTube photography gurus like Peter McKinnon. I found helpful tips and became completely obsessed with the rule of thirds. You could catch me, at any given occasion, placing grid lines over subjects and marveling at the glory of the picture. At that time I didn’t have my DSLR. I was shooting with my S8 camera phone and hand plenty of time to train my eye and play with composition. At the time I didn’t realize it, but it forced me to search for the moment rather than doing the orchestrating folks tend to do with lighting, filters, camera settings, post editing and all that jazz. I didn’t even have the technology to do any of that back then. But now that I have a DSLR (Nikon D3400), I’ve dipped my big toe into the technical space, which can be super intimidating if you’re learning, like me. Think icy cold water on an already chilly day! It’s a LOT. I prefer to do a blend of self-curated learning and workshops. Being on my own for this journey makes it more personal for me — and that’s something I never want to lose. But for me, participation in a community is a major bonus in my learning process. So, of course I want to meet other photography enthusiasts to exchange our excitement and passion for it all. I like to deep dive; I’m a Gemini. Stepping into a new community has made the learning process even more gratifying. If you’re looking to get photography training in the Baltimore or Washington, DC areas, you might try hitting up one of these classes. I’ll start by saying that classes are far from cheap. But if you’ve purchased a DSLR, then you understand that photography can be an expensive hobby. Below, you’ll see a listing of photography classes and workshops for any wallet.


Photography Classes in Baltimore & Washington, DC

MICA – Maryland Institute College of Art $$

I’m not sure about you guys but taking a course at MICA would be dreamy for me. They pump ALL the life into Baltimore’s arts scene. MICA’s community Education Course List offers two photography classes. The Digital Darkroom is a ten week course tailored for people who are learning to develop technical and creative skills. Students will have the opportunity to examine historical photographs and develop a sense of their personal photography style. Large Format Photography is a more advanced course exploring the significance and long-standing tradition of the view camera in photography.

The Photo Workshop $
This place is more low -key and has beginner workshops covering all the technical details of DSLR photography. In all honesty, if you’re really passionate about your practice, you’ll learn all this stuff on your own. You could hit up Barnes and Noble and just walk yourself through the photography section and pick a ‘how to’ book to get you started here. But the Photo Workshop also offers off-site photography classes at some super photographic places like The Cylburn Arboretum and Rawlings Conservatory.

Washington, DC

Photography Classes in Baltimore and Washington, DC
Focus on The Story X-Pedition Trip to Havana, Cuba Photocred: David Hobby

Focus on The Story $$$$

Guys, this spot has some pretty cool immersive photography trips through their X-Pedition Workshops. I’m actually saddened to see that the Cuba trip with David Hobby is less than a month away. I definitely would’ve gone! They have a X-Pedition trip to Hanoi in August that I might look into. These classes literally offer you an opportunity to travel with trained photographers and, in the case of the Hanoi X-Pedition, local residents. What an awesome way to learn to approach your photography like a photojournalist would!

Sam D’Amico Photography $

This spot offers one-on-one study and group classes. You can even opt in for an ongoing monthly practice and support meetings. This is a unique opportunity because I haven’t seen this offered anywhere else. This place also has a wide range of classes. You can focus on the technical or the conceptual aspects of your photography.

Capital Photography Center $

There is symmetry for days in DC and if you’re shooting here you’ve probably noticed that by now. Capital Photography Center offers onsite classes and workshops as well as off-site shooting sessions at some pretty cool locations like the National Arboretum and Renwick Gallery.

I’m off to my day job but drop me a line if you’e hit any of these classes or have some cool workshop opportunities to share!

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