Brazilian Trap & The Musical African Diaspora [Playlist]

So, can I share with y’all how I’ve been making it through my latest restart? I’ve always been prone to a bit of gyrating when soca or calypso is within even the subtlest of earshot but thanks to my beloved Google Play, I’ve embarked on what feels like an endless journey of exploring music of the diaspora. This music could very well be thee most amazing result of the diaspora!

The super cool thing is that 6 degrees of separation is actually not a thing anymore. Everyone seems to know everyone. Communities are getting larger yet more specific and there’s plenty of overlapping. We’ve got everyone and everything at our fingertips. I literally pulled up my Google Play and with one swipe of the finger, found my summer anthem, Bum Bum Granada.

Forget how corny the video is. Listen to the damn beat! That deep, rhythmic ostinato. The gun cock with the deep piano chords-genius! This is the recipe for squat music. But there’s more to my workout than squats, I explored Trinidad for my jogging tunes, Nigeria for my calisthenics, Haiti and DR for my occasional dance breaks. I could go on and on. So, let me share with you guys the beats that are keeping me moving and grooving. Check out my list of favorites below:

  1. Bum Bum Granada – Mcs Zaac & Jerry
  2. Dami Duro – Davido
  3. Heart Beat – Iyanya
  4. Push Up On It – Patrice Roberts
  5. Hands In The Air – Fay Ann Lyons
  6. Kukere – Iyanya
  7. Carnival Tabanca – Bunji Garlin
  8. Zouk-Ls-Se-Sel-Medikaman Nou Ni – Kassav
  9. Lucy – Destra
  10. 5 Metas – Mc Davi
  11. Bust Me Brain – Iyanya
  12. Guh Down – Lil Rick
  13. Mummy Mi – Wizkid

Every workout for me requires a good playlist. This is just a likkle sample of what fuels me during my most recent workouts. Do you guys have anything to share? I’m all ears!





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