My Students & I Attended Teen Battle Chef Live, Harlem Edition!

Teen Battle Chef Live was amazing! For those of you who’ve never heard of it, it’s a series of cook-offs between two groups of teens that takes place all over New York City. Sponsored by Emblem Health, The Links Inc. and Family Cook Productions, the program promotes healthy culinary habits and skills. It was really awesome to share this experience with my students because they love learning and tasting new recipes and I think it was great for them to see that other students are taking their culinary passions to new heights. I have to note that when I was in high school, there weren’t many opportunities to explore non-traditional professions. The idea that this program exists for students who would like to explore a career in culinary arts is dope.

The two teams consisted of young men and women from local high schools. They created two different ethnic recipes. While the Thai curry and Brazilian stew were reserved for the judges, guests got to taste a few fresh salads such as Avocado Corn & Bean Salad and Wheat Berry Salads. Check out recipes and video from a past competition below!

Hear from the founder of Family Cook Productions & Teen Battle Chef Live below!

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