No Pressure, No Diamonds|My Journey to Thirty!

I’ve been preparing myself to turn thirty since about twenty-five. The irony is that I didn’t realize just how young I was at that age. When you’re in your mid twenties, you think you’re in your prime. Even though so many things could be going awry, you’ve been conditioned to feel like your twenties are the best years of your life. My experience was quite the contrary.
When I say things fell apart in my twenties, I mean EVERYTHING. My college relationship fizzled out, my friends began to evolve and we grew apart, I hadn’t yet found my passion, I was navigating the toughest city on the planet which, despite all the support I had, felt lonely. I was struggling with self-esteem, confidence and depression. For these reasons and probably more that I didn’t have time to dwell upon, I call my last decade ‘the tumultuous twenties’. But you know what they say…no pressure, no diamonds.

The various pressures *we* face in our lives can cause us to become more valuable and special — especially if we use our personal difficulties, problems and experiences as teaching tools to make ourselves better and stronger and more capable. Usually, those of us who have had to cope with problems and pressures finally emerge successfully, and in the process, we unlock positive strengths and personal attributes such as fortitude, resilience and other powerful character traits as a result of being tested under difficult circumstances. There are unimaginable depths which are released or develop in people who have had to face and cope with diversities and pressures. Otherwise, we might remain shallow and superficial and have no clue of what we’re really capable of becoming and being.

I found that quote on a Yahoo Answers page and I just had to share it because it sums up my sentiments exactly. After mindful reflection I can confidently identify my thirties as my ‘diamond decade’. With everything that happened during my twenties, though it might not seem like much to someone else, I’ve been molded by those experiences. I know for a fact that I am rare and had it not been for those lessons, I would not have evolved to who I am today. 🙂
On a lighter note, my birthday turn-up was the best I’ve had in years. My Rochester and Maryland friends met up for a day at the Roots Picnic in Philly. The performances were great. My favorite was Erykah Badu and obviously, The Roots. They brought out Freeway and The Lox so you know I was in all my hood-rat glory for a solid 30 minutes. Lol. There are, however, some gripes I have about the planning. Firstly, it wasn’t a picnic because we had to trash our food and beverage at the entrance. Secondly, the food lines were a grueling 2.5 hours long. We spent a large chunk of our time acquiring nourishment in the 90 degree heat. Because of this, we missed a few artists that we really wanted to see. The next day, we met up at mi casa and enjoyed cake, drinks, food and music. I had a wonderful time with my amazing friends. I couldn’t have put together a better bunch. Check out some pics below.

2 thoughts on “No Pressure, No Diamonds|My Journey to Thirty!

  1. They say “fine wine is better with age”. I, like u, feels that my best YEARS has yet come, and my 30’s will define me in ways that I never imagined. I love this post. I’m going to call it “coming of age”. Didn’t know u were blogging and although I know u r holding back (you are way more insightful then what u are leading in this post), I know the more u share, the more open u will become in your writing. Good luck with journaling out loud. I’m truly looking forward to reading more. P.s, Im not going to check for any grammar mistake bc i’m sure you have already seen them..—– hugs and kisses


    1. Lol, thank you girlie. I’m so glad these posts are resonating with you guys. I am slowly but surely opening up and sharing lol. And ALWAYS feel free to pull me up on grammar because I would be mad if no one told me! Lol. xo!


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