Blowout Magic: How I Create & Maintain My Blowout With An Active Lifestyle

Let me just say I was the at home hair guru in college. My friends and quad mates would come to me for say a rod set, rinse, dye, doobies, etc. I was one of the first to grab the $25 Gold n’ Hot hooded dryer from Northwood Plaza (my Morgan heads know about this). With that being said, it’s not easy for me to let my hair get crazy. I’m somewhat of a hair perfectionist and even the whole big chop and natural move was a STRUGGLE for me! I have found ways to manage it though. I use a few tried and true steps and products for my blowouts.

1. I use Pantene Pro Relaxed and Natural Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve been using this since it came out back in 2004. It cleans my hair thoroughly and gives me the moisture I need to get a nice, silky press when I touch the iron to this head!

2. I finger comb my hair into four sections and then I carefully brush through each section using the off white Goody brush with the pink grip. I never use the wig brushes because they have those little bulbs on the tips that will rip your hair clean out of your scalp whether you’re careful or not. I begin brushing at the ends then I make my way to the root.

3. I twist each section into a big Celie plat until I’m ready to blow it out.

4. I carefully blow my hair out.  Do not blow your hair bone dry! It should have a hint of soft moisture to it still. If its rough and brittle, you blew it too much!

5. After I’ve blown out each section, I begin to flat iron in thin, horizontal, linear sections beginning at the nape of my neck working my way to the crown. Flat ironing and sometimes even blowing your hair out in this way gives your hair a better lay as opposed to flat ironing in misshapen chunks.

6. I usually pin curl the front and sides of my hair to lock in the shape of my curls. It’s a Maryland thing I learned when I was down there. I never quite shook the pin curl out of my system.

Tips: You get a sleeker flat iron when your hair still has a tad bit of moisture to it. I use a small spray/spritzer with olive oil in it to add moisture to sections that have dried completely (learned this is at the Dominican spot). I have used an anti-reversion serum prior to my big chop, but I’ve shied away from them because I intend to wear my hair naturally most of the time so I don’t want to discourage my curls from returning.

Maintaining my blowout is difficult. Here’s what I do to make it last more than just a few days:

1. I keep my hair tied back as well as possible during my workouts. I use hair ties, pins and sometimes even a headband to keep my follicles taut, stopping them from coiling when the moisture hits.

2. I wrap my hair at night–every night. I use a silk scarf and I make sure its tight and covers all the hair on my head.

3. I shower with a double cap. I will admit that one of these caps is a grocery bag. I use it for added protection against the moisture. Additionally, I keep my showers short when my hair is straight. I feel this goes without saying but hey, some people need to be told to save some hot water. Lol.

Of course, our hair isn’t going to look magazine perfect all the time. Thus, I reserve the right to retouch my edges only for special occasions. Don’t get in the habit of flat ironing every little imperfection because when it’s time to go back curly, your curls might not reappear! I hope these steps and tips are helpful for you guys. What additional tips would you add to maintaining a beautiful blowout amidst a sweaty workout schedule?

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