Progress Report: JUNKFIT’s Seven Day Challenge Days 3 & 4

So, let me begin by telling you guys about my affirmation of the week! I was on the leg press getting my bikini thighs when these two women came up to me asking what my gym routine was. It was adorable because they were dressed in really cute gym attire so I could tell they were invested ( yes, that’s part of how I assess gym readiness). Lol, so anyway they said they liked my body and had watched me do my leg routine (posted below). Then they asked what they should do as beginners. So you know I went into a two minute core testimony about how they have to start with the basics. I got so hyped to be talking to them and helping them that I totally forgot to tell them about JUNKFIT and the challenge. Tsss.

My workout today was a bit much. I did the challenge and added:

inclined push-ups 3×20

back extensions 3×20

27.5 lbs seated row 3×10

45 lbs squats 3×10

45 lbs dead lifts 3×10

30 lateral jumps 3×10

walking lunges 3×12

pulsing jump squats 3×20

70 lbs leg curls 3×10

70 lbs leg extensions 3×10

bicep curls 3×10

arm circles 3×100

bench dips 3×10

I hope you guys are enjoying the challenge. I’d like to know what other interactive things you’d like to see on JUNKFIT. I’ll be posting a poll over the weekend to get your input.

For tomorrow’s workout:

walk outs 3×12

burpees 3×12

leg raises 3×12

plank 3x:40

mountain climbers 3x:40

side plank 3x:40/side



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