The Evolution of Jasmine: How I Decoded My Purpose

At the age of eighteen, I was silly enough to think that, as a Gemini, I had found my calling. As young as seven, you could find me writing poems, journal entries and scribbling threat notes to my older sister, Sasha. I had decided I would grow up and work for a cool newspaper or magazine. It was my calling, you know? I knew how to use a pen.



It wasn’t until my mid twenties that I located my passion and coupled it with my talent. It was a grueling process as I had to get through a mountain of struggles to realize what my passion was! It began with me being in a low place. I hadn’t written anything of quality in years and the stuff I was writing was for the THOT audience (I was working at HOT 97). My spirit was yearning for a few things:

Representation of My Values: My time in radio was fun but it neglected a lot of things I stood for. I compromised a few beliefs that I deemed uncompromisable. SOME of which were respect for women, integrity, honesty and setting a good example. I was working 8+ hours a day in the opposite direction of my values! If I’m going to be doing anything for the next 30 years, it has to be something that will compliment my spirit, I thought to myself.


Confidence: One thing about life and love is that they will put you on your ass a few times. I can raise two hands for that! Lol. In this tough period, I taught myself to believe in me. I set out to learn fitness and that’s what I did. I set out to gain muscle mass and I did that too. I saw the value in MYSELF and I stopped caring if anyone else saw what I was seeing.

I don't need you to f--- with me, I f--- with me!

I don’t need you to f— with me, I f— with me!

For the first time, I looked in the mirror and saw not my physical beauty but I saw Jasmine. I saw me. I was happier, more giving, more empathetic and more patient because I had been through some sh–! There’s something about going through the fire and still coming out BETTER! I was finally someone that I would want to be around. Then, just like magic, I began attracting like-minded women into my circle.


Helping Women: “I wish I could give you this feeling!”, one of my favorite Jay-Z quotes. I was experiencing that! I knew I wanted to help other women be happier, particularly Black women. Every day we endure verbal and spiritual attacks ranging from music that degrades us to beauty images that exclude us. Add to that, our poor health statistics. We NEED something like JUNKFIT. In my mind, it became imperative to 1. Pour affirmations into Black women and girls and 2. Guide them through the process of elevating body, mind and spirit.

Are you developing your purpose? How did you find it? Drop your stories below!



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